O Gauge updating from LMS to Early BR

Here we have two items of rolling stock that needed updating, one Loco and one Van.

Firstly the Van, when removing the LMS lettering some transfers came away taking the original paint work as well! I look on accidents like this as an opportunity to do something a bit different. I masked the area that needed treating and mixed up a grey that was near, but a little darker, and hand painted it on. When dry I painted on a supposed ‘new’ plank. To add further interest I also added an advertising/contents sticker for ‘Spratts Oval Mixture’, Dog food I think. I tried to add the black backing transfers for the numbers, but sadly they were old water slide and disintegrated as I applied them, I painted the said panels on and added the numbers required.  I tried a few new ways on the weathering side, I emphasised the slats under the contents sticker and also used a browny – rusty coloured permanent marker to highlight a few rivet heads.





Now to the Loco, and what a loco, a massive O-6-O. I don’t know much about the loco, other than it was a Wolverton Works Depot shunter.

The change from LMS to BR early was very straight forward and after changing the logo’s, it was varnished and then blended by weathering the changed area.