O Gauge Class 20’s

I had a new centre headcode Class 20 on order since they were announced. It arrived about a fortnight  ago and I have to say it is excellent. Here is a batch of four 20’s, one for my son, one for Shaun and two for myself. My two includes a Disc headcode model I purchased over a year ago.

All loco’s are numbered and had shadow added to all crevices and grills – full weathering will take place when the weather is a bit better to spray in the garage. All the below have been thoroughly researched and prototype photo’s seen.

20138 Railfreight Livery

This is a Scottish Loco based on 1988. It is fitted with a RETB aerial which was rare for Class 20’s, only three being fitted. This Loco will run on both Morlock Heath and my sons Depot layout Ashwell Moor. This is my Sons Loco.






8306 Blue – circa 1968-74

This is Shaun’s Loco and will run on his home Parcels Depot Layout, as well as being a guest Loco on Morlock Heath when running an earlier era we are trying to put together.




D8057 – 1968

Believe it or not, this is a class 20 based at Stratford. Four were tried for about 18 months as Liverpool Street pilots and light duties. The 20’s were supposed to take over from the Class 15’s in the long-term, this did not happen!





D8175 – 1967-69

This is a Midland Engine and is in as delivered condition apart from receiving  full yellow ends.





A mix of HMRS and Fox Transfers used on all Loco’s. I will do another post when they are weathered.







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