Yesterday we attended this Exhibition with Moorlock Heath, it was running a different era than usual, based about 1972. Although  towards the end of the day we ran a few out of period loco’s that we had on display.  Most of the stock used was Graham’s and Shaun’s.

The Exhibition was very busy all day up until a half an hour before closure. A big thank you to Rosemary and Alan Cooper for organising this event, especially as Rosemary had  recently had a ‘new’ bionic’ knee fitted. This show has got to be one of the friendliest in the region, and Rosemary’s last words to us were —  what are you bringing next year? – great stuff!

Our layout was next to Tim Horns fantastic display of Laser Cut Baseboards, Tim was helped by Phil Eames on the day and being all members of DEMU, there was plenty of chat. Plus Graham ordered some boards! – allegedly for a Narrow Gauge Layout – Gulp!.

The following photos were all taken by Shaun who was using his new camera – great stuff.

I would like to thank Shaun, Graham and my wife for their help – they are stars.











My wife did have a walk around photographing other layouts – with luck we will put these on a separate post.

We have several more local Exhibition invites which I will add to the Exhibition pages as soon as confirmed.  Please come along and have a chat – we all love a good natter.



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