Oh No – Not another Diesel Depot!!

This was a statement by a visitor at an Exhibition I was attending with an O gauge Depot/Fuelling Layout. I have to admit I have heard this before and I usually dismiss this sort of comment – besides if you have half a dozen or so Loco’s then what better way to display them.

Anyway when I returned home I got to thinking –  as you do! And thought I would do a little research into what else could be good to model with a priority on ‘viewer satisfaction’ and ‘stock variety’ and keeping costs as low as possible.

I have based my thoughts on O Gauge of a maximum size of 10′ x 2′ although the suggestions would equally be viable in 4mm and 2mm.

This list is obviously not exhaustive and is basically for 1960 – 1990 and Diesel Operated. Many have been ‘done before’, but some may have not! or can be revived!

Stabling Point (No Fuel)  — Coal Yard/Drops  —  Speedlink Yard  —    Wagon Repair Facility

Engineers Sidings –  Parcels Depot  –   Fertiliser Depot   —    Head Shunt Beside Single Line

Goods Depot (up to mid 60’s)  – Small DMU run Terminus Station  —   Scrap Yard

Domestic Coal/Oil Terminal   –  Grain Terminal/Maltings/Animal Feed – Distillery/Brewery

Fish Market (early 60’s)  —  Quay Railway (similar Yarmouth) —   A loop on a single line

Newspaper/Parcels Bay Platform — Concrete Sleeper/Products Plant – Loco Washing Plant

Wooden Sleeper/Fencing Depot — Engineers waste disposal Yard – Army ordinance Depot

Industrial Site with Main Line Exchange — Road Fuelling Point for Loco’s/Hard Standing

Steel Distribution Plant — RHTT Sidings –Loco Sanding Siding/Line –Small SATLINK Yard

Small Project Mercury Yard —  Nuclear Flask Facility — Small China Clay Yard

Cement unloading (Rail to Road)

For more operational variety two of the above could be added together.

I have already used two of these thoughts —— Lowe St in OO  for the Sleeper Depot and

Morlock Heath in O Gauge for the Engineers Yard. Details and Photo’s on this site.








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