And the next project is………….

After much thought and the need to do something a bit different, not another Diesel Depot, as I have said before! I have decided to make a OO Small Terminus Station that has been rationalised to a basic formation, run by mainly DMU’s

There will be three tracks, two with platform facings on a single platform and a storage siding – nothing else. The layout will be 11ft long overall with an approximate 6ft scenic section and a 5ft fiddle yard, the width is 15 inches.  At the moment I don’t think I even need a run-around

I  worked out what trains I wanted to run, and then matched the size of layout needed:-

1 Car DMU —- 2 Car DMU — 3 Car DMU

RHTT (Two Loco’s and two Wagons)

Test Train (Two Loco’s and two Coaches)

2 Car Tram (Weed Killer)

Small topped and tailed Engineers Trains.

DMU Substitute (Two Loco’s and two Coaches)

I want to run various era Modern Trains from approx. 1985 – to date. A few long-lived first generation DMU’s may appear, but generally they will be after the BR ‘sell off’ and therefore company trains. I will have at least three DMU’s for Company/Era filled out with other trains listed above.

I still have a few dilemmas about what track to use, but it will be DC as I could not afford the cost of putting sound in over thirty items, and see no advantage in DCC without sound as I only need three isolating sections on the scenic section.

Below are photo’s of the layout, fiddle yard and fiddle yard adjustable stand.

IMG_6646 (2)











Photo’s taken at various times during construction.



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