Taking Stock or What am I doing!

I think it is time to re-assess my modelling. I am nearly 70 years old and still making layouts at quite a rate.  I realise this can not go on for ever, but even now I have just built three more baseboards for projects I have ‘in mind’. Added to this I have two unfinished layouts and five that are currently ‘on the circuit’,  and it doesn’t stop there, I am still involved with three other layouts that have moved on to other homes.  That makes a total of thirteen layouts, built or building over the last three years.

I have to admit that Exhibiting is becoming more difficult due to lifting etc. and if it was not for some excellent support from my wife, son, Graham and Shaun, I would have given up some years ago. Having said that, making layouts is a compulsion that does not go away, perhaps obsession is a better word but whatever,  planning and making continues.

The following layouts are 95% complete, is a layout ever finished? and are all viewable on this site.

Sefton Yard           – O Gauge Shunting Yard —– 1955 – 1970 in various eras

Low Street             -OO Sleeper Depot ——firmly fixed 1955-60

Merlins Lane         – O Gauge DCC Sound Fuelling Point —–1964 -68

Morlock Heath       – O Gauge Engineers Yard — various eras 1970 to 1995

4000yds – Area5      -SM32  WW1 ——– 1916-18

The following are layouts made by myself, but now owned by others

Norton Wood           – OO 3rd Rail Station

Norfolk Coke and Tar  – O Small Steam Shed (originally Industrial)

Ashwell Moor           – O Gauge Fuelling Point (DC)

This brings us to the current batch of baseboards and the two unfinished layouts. All un-named at present.

O Gauge Loco Depot (transition) – Complete up to Electrics – about 50% Complete. I would like to run my Industrials as an alternative.

O Gauge Station Layout (transition+) – Complete up to Electrics – about 50% Complete. 1955 to 1970 various eras and areas.

OO Gauge Modern Station – Baseboard only —- 1985 onwards in various eras and areas

OO Gauge Steam Shed  – Baseboard only —— 1955-62  various Regions.

OO – Layout based on a Diesel Fuelling Point or American HO Shunting layout – decision still to be made.

Well that’s about it – I must be mad!

I will post all progress on this site as things proceed.