Making the Platform on DMU Layout

Making the most of the good weather and because my skip won’t be arriving until next Tuesday, I decided that I would make the platform on the new layout. Below are a few photos of the completed work.

I also started to plan the background and test fit the two low relief factories that I had in stock. I must admit although they look fine and fit in with my plans – they don’t half weigh a lot! After using lightweight laser cut baseboards this may need more thought!




One thought on “Making the Platform on DMU Layout

  1. Hi. The building a look great there. It would good if you could model around them and slot them in when the layout is up. If you drew around them then took the cork up they would sit in the space and prevent a ‘plonked on’ look. I’m sure it will look great what ever you do . I understand there’s a finer bullhead rail buffer stop on the way from peco. Keep up the great work.

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