Dark Lane – Steam DCC Sound in O Gauge.

Welcome to my first post on Dark Lane, my latest project. Dark Lane is a small Steam Engine Shed and Stabling Point, in my mind it is for four or five DCC sound fitted Loco’s together with up to six or seven relevant wagons. The whole concept is based on Tank Engines of a small to medium size. Various locations are planned, but the first will be London Transport Panniers and wagons. When testing for space available it was seen that up to ten Panniers could be on the layout at any time, but I have to say this will not happen due to cost.

You will notice from the below photographs that Dark Lane is a pointless layout, I really needed to keep the scenic area at its maximum and any points would dramatically cut down stabling space available.

The Baseboard appeared on this site after I made it, so reference to this will give the how and why it was made.  Basically the main scenic board is by Grainge and Hodder Laser Cut and the bolt on fiddle yard is the standard pattern Norfolk and Suffolk 009 Model, again Laser Cut. I had my doubts whether I could adapt it to O Gauge – but I managed it – see the photo’s below.

The Scenic section is 4′ and the fiddle yard is 18″. I am doing this to help me decide whether my half finished 17′ long station layout stays DC or moves to DCC sound.
















One thought on “Dark Lane – Steam DCC Sound in O Gauge.

  1. Hi Kelvin,
    You never fail to surprise me with your imagination into building Layouts after Layout and all
    different in every respect,whether it be O 00 or 009,just wonderful.!!
    Great to chat this morning.
    Bestest regards,
    G.or Mr T.

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