Class O4 Tram Engine Kit

Here we have a composite Loco made up of a 40 year old Vulcan White Metal Kit – plus a 25 year old Impetus etched kit to detail as a Wisbech and Upwell Engine. I decided that I wanted to do an engine that was used on the Quay line at Great Yarmouth. This fell into neither the original Vulcan kit or the W & U Impetus kit.

I worked out which parts of each kit would be used, did my research on the Gt Yarmouth Quay and picked a few candidates that could be modelled.

Basically, the main body, chassis and back and front of the cab is Vulcan, the sides of the cab were taken from the Impetus kit along with all the skirts and cowcatchers.

This turned into a real multi-media kit as I fashioned some more parts from plastikard to fit with the white metal and etched parts, I soldered some joins and super-glued others.

There are some photos below that shows progress so far. The next jobs to do are the cowcatchers, followed by the chassis, motor and gearbox. I guess its about 60% complete.