Undercoating Session

Here are three Loco’s all with different stories.


I purchased this Loco, which is a very well made DJH kit about four years ago. The kit was finished apart from needing painting. Sadly the person that built it died before he could completely finish the kit.

After sitting in its box for a long time the brass and white metal was in a bit of a state. Before  any thought of undercoating I spent an afternoon cleaning everything with a gentle cream cleaner, followed by a full rinse at least three times and finally a wipe down with a white spirit coated rag and cotton buds to get into difficult places. It was then left to dry for 24 hours before undercoating. I always do two light coats rather than one (or two) medium coats, this avoids filling in fine detail. I leave it at least 12 hours between coatings






This loco will become 70036 Boadicea


Although I have called this a Class 24 in fact it will be a Class 97!!! This Loco is owned by Graham and is a Bachmann Brassworks. Although these are not the most accurate model of the Class 24, for the price Graham paid – it was a bargain. When he purchased the Loco it appeared that some of the varnish coating had been removed, but to ensure all the varnish had been removed, I got out my Badger Grit Gun! What a dirty Job this is, but totally necessary to get a good bedding for the undercoat. After the Grit had done its job I again rinsed the Loco at least three times before doing the white spirit cleaning again.




This Loco will be Class 97 (Ex 24)  EXPERIMENT


This is another Bachmann Brass (San Cheng) offering. By this time the quality had improved and the model accuracy was very good indeed. Unlike the Class 24 there was virtually no tarnishing of the brass, this I guessed was because the varnish was totally intact. Out came the grit gun again and after that the rinses and the white spirit treatment – Thankfully when I purchased this Loco it came with a Chassis that was Factory painted – this has certainly saved a lot of time.




This Loco will become no 1363.


TWO light coats better than one med or heavy – take you time – all the above achieved without a single paint run,

I make my own undercoat – Humbrol Matt White  +  a touch of Matt Black. Depending on the top colour it can dictate how dark or light it needs to be. Undercoat colour can and does affect the final finish/colour.

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