Three O Gauge Kit Built Wagons.

Here are three wagons that are awaiting weathering and will be finished within the next few days along with another five or so wagons.

Bogie Bolster

This is one of Jim Mcgowans brass kits made by Mike quite a long while ago. After a good clean and undercoat it was painted and transferred as per instructions.  The bolsters and the uprights remain loose so that different loads can be carried.





LT Tank Wagon

The next wagon is a Radley Models LT underground wagon – it started life as a ballast wagon and ended up as a Tank wagon after several conversions. This wagon is destined for my new LT layout ‘Dark Lane’.





LT drop sided open wagon

This is an ex Midland Railway vintage wagon from a Slaters kit – these wagons were very long lived and used for everything from ballast to rubbish. Towards the end they were depot based and used to dump almost anything.






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