Dark Lane – London Transport.

This is my first post on my latest layout ‘Dark Lane’ it is based on a scenario in the late 60’s on a small London Transport Shed and Sidings. The layout is DCC fitted and the loco’s, four Ex GWR Panniers, are DCC sound fitted. I have six appropriate LT wagons at present but another two or three are needed.

You will see from the photo’s that I have made quite a bit of progress although I would say its only about 50% finished.

The baseboard and fiddle yard is one piece to an overall length of five foot and six inches, just over four foot being scenic. All buildings and walls are ‘laser cut’  and have been painted with acrylic paints. The cement is very dilute ‘polyfilla’ rubbed into all crevices, the whole area is then coated in wood stain after cleaning off the excess polyfilla.










It is my intention to make this a very grubby layout, hence the heavy weathering on the loco’s. The controller is a Digitrax Zephyr purchased from Coastal DCC at Ipswich.