Sancheng/Tower 14xx in O Gauge

This is not a new Loco, it was purchased about six months ago on a famous auction site. It was in GWR Green and numbered, however it was not a good runner! It was put to one side until I had more time. After recently spending a little time working on the connecting rods and the motor I was able to get it working perfectly, my £200 investment now looked a very good deal! I repainted it BR Black and added a ‘247 Developments’ number set and HRMS transfers. It still has to be varnished, coaled, crew added and weathered. It will be the loco for my Push – Pull WR Crimson and Cream coach to form an auto train.




One thought on “Sancheng/Tower 14xx in O Gauge

  1. Hi Kelvin,
    The class 14XX looks an absolute Classic,it reminds me of my first Layout Ashburton reviving memories.!!
    What a difference now it belongs to The Kelvin range.
    Mr T.

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