Fircombe -My Old Garage Layout

Sadly Fircombe is no longer with us – it was broken up over three years ago. I really miss this old layout but it had to go do to space constraints, it was 15′ X 10′.

I have never put any photo’s of this old friend on this website but after looking through some old photo’s I found some of Fircombe, hence this post. I have since sold all of the Loco’s on the photos but retain some stock, this will be used on my new OO layout ‘Osier Common’.

A lot of trees and other useful pieces are being re-used on the new layout as well – so at least parts of it will live on.

Fircombe was a progressive layout and could run several Eras, the below photos are all of the 66-70 era. By the way the large house on the layout was Fircombe Hall !!!!!!!!!!










I have a few more photos of Fircombe running a later era and it also had the addition of overhead wires on the branch line. I will post these later if viewers are interested.

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