Different Weathering Methods – Steam

Today has been extremely hot and Airbrushing was just about out of the question. I was looking through some photos of steam engines, especially weathering on the connecting rods and the motion.

I started to have a look through my enamel paints and see if any colours could replicate the weathering I was seeing. I found a Railmatch Jar marked up ‘oily steel’ and thought that it was worth a try.

I picked a Jinty and a J94 to try the new method on. I will add that I used to just leave the overspray on the connecting rods etc. They looked OK but did not stand scrutiny based on the photos I looked at.

Here are the results – I think its an improvement.






One thought on “Different Weathering Methods – Steam

  1. Hi Kelvin

    I would be using Mig or AK washes for rods etc. They would give you the oily wet look. The two makes I’ve mentioned above can be brushed on.

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