New Class 37 Backdated

I purchased a Blue Split Head Code Class 37 by Heljan. This Loco had Black Head Codes with white marker dots, I therefore had to backdate it for my era of 1967-68.

After some research I decided I would make the Loco D6753, this was a bit different to most early blue 37’s. It had the new BR Logo on each cab side with the number above as opposed to having one on the bodyside.

After carefully removing the bodyside logo all new transfers were added, this included adding new head code numbers and letters.

All add-on accessories were painted and added. The Loco is still to be varnished and weathered, but this is on a large ‘to be done’ list.

It was nice to do something a bit different and by this time it was a local (to me) Engine being based at Ipswich.