Five O Gauge Wagons -Sept 20.

Here are five O Gauge wagons all made by Graham and painted by myself. They still need a few small adjustments and of course are on the weathering list!

Firstly two TTA Tank wagons as running in the mid 80’s. These are Skytrex Kits with Peartree wheels.

Next we have two wagons from the late 60’s – early 70’s. The first one is another Skytrex Kit and is a Lowmac ‘E’. The second is a Slaters Kit of a Vanwide, later to become a VEV. Both are finished in Late Bauxite.

Lastly we have a PMV in BR Blue from the Mid 70’s until the Early 80’s. This is a Slaters Model and still needs the windows added as well as the roof fettled.