Pair of Bachmann Class 37’s

Both these Class 37’s have been weathered to a medium level. Although from different eras the method was the same – wash and wipe followed by airbrushing and a little dry brushing.

37026 Loch Awe

This loco is from the Early 80’s Scottish Region and was part of an influx of 37’s that replaced small Sulzer powered locos. This was one of the first locos to carry the Scotty Dog emblem of Eastfield Depot.

37423 Spirit of the Lakes

This is a loco that is currently running in this condition as part of the DRS Fleet. This loco is one of a few locos that have had their original lights replaced by light cluster pods. The Loco was purchased by a friend from Rainbow Railways who did the conversion. I super detailed it and weathered it only.