HO BNSF Layout – track laid.

I have been very busy over the last few days working on the ‘track plan’ and the position of the buildings. Well, I ended up with two points, both in the fiddle yard and manually operated and five sidings, great for a shunting puzzle.

The layout will now hold over twenty wagons, although I only have twelve. I will use both my BNSF Locos, so may add an isolating section to store one Loco. I have two other Loco’s, a SF and a BN, but both are a lot larger, but never say never.

I have also added to the length of the sector plate by 6″. It now measures over 2 foot.

Only slight problem is the two smaller units – I may take the razor saw to them and make them 3/4 relief. This will allow a little more activity in the space between the track and the units.