Three BR (Southern) Locos

These are the first three Locos of the six I purchased in May – all were in very Poor Condition, including Rusty Wheels, Poor Paintwork, Lost Parts and being Non Runners. The Build Quality was quite poor, I paid £100 for each Loco!!!! I thought they probably were Ex Garden Railway Locos !!!

All wheels cleaned, some may need replacing later – All with be weathered to tone down sub standard transfer lining.

This is an update of what’s happened so far on each loco.

T9 – unknown Kit

Complete repaint, missing parts made, Motor refurbished and general re-soldering or gluing.

E1 4-4-0 -David Andrews Kit

This was a somewhat newer kit and needed a little less work – Loco is still awaiting its Motor refurbishment. The following was needed, partial repaint, some re-soldering, make missing parts and fit, had to be renumbered as it was numbered as an E1 tank engine !!!!

Class D – Javelin Kit

Again a reasonable kit, motor still to be refurbished, Partial repaint, make missing parts and fit, re-solder and glue some loose parts. Bogie misaligned and sitting to high – reprofiled for better fit.

The other three is now two!! I gave the Lord Nelson 4-6-0 to Graham to help pay for the reconditioning of the motors he is doing for me – This is very likely to run again after some TLC. Of the remaining two, the Schools is certainly repairable and will be worked on next. This leaves the Atlantic which is the worst by far, only 50-50 whether I can do it, as it appears to have taken a tumble in the past.

Well that’s the update, further photos when I have weathered them.