Warning Mould Attack

I have some layouts part finished in my shed. I last looked at the contents just before Xmas and all was OK, on looking yesterday the layouts have been attacked by mould. Those that were painted were less affected than those in raw wood, the ones with MDF were by far the worse affected, although other woods did suffer a bit,

I got one layout outside this morning and tried some Mould Remover that I purchased. It seems to work OK, but to be on the safe side I will leave it a couple of days and check that the patch I did is still free of contamination.

This has set me back on a year that I had hoped to finish all the unfinished Layouts. I think I will wait until the better weather before full refurbishment commences and at the moment I estimate at least two – three weeks work if everything goes well.

I have been told that MDF is very prone to mould during the winter – but in 30 years of using it I have never had trouble before – but all the affected layouts use the same batch of MDF purchased three years ago.