Pre Xmas O Gauge.

Sadly not done any modelling during Xmas, but here are a couple I worked on prior to Xmas. They are from very diverse eras. Sadly I am so far behind with weathering, it will be many months before I can finish them properly.

Freightliner Class 08.

I purchased this loco from a box shifter for a bargain £150, it was an unnumbered Loco. I have now numbered it 08530, this Loco has spent some time in East Anglia. After research I found three photos of it working at Felixstowe. I have removed the vacuum pipes, added windscreen wipers as well as numbering.

BR(S) Class D 4-4-0

I purchased this Loco as part of a job lot about 2 years ago. After testing it, it was deemed a non runner. I then left if for nearly a year, when I had a conversation with my friend Ian (Trainman ) Hammond who said he would take a look at it for me. I know the regeneration had some twists and turns but in the end I was handed back a lovely running Loco. My thanks go to Ian for saving the day. I have since given it some cosmetic TLC and it now looks and runs great. It will now become part of my BR(S) Engine Shed layout.