31169 in 1976 condition

I did a lot of research to find the ideal loco in its original condition in the mid 70’s. I found a great photo of 169 in exactly the right condition in 1978. This must have been one of the last 31’s to have the nose doors changed and the boiler footsteps plated.

The change from pre-tops to Tops was relatively easy and after renumbering I re-weathered the Loco.

J69 update from LNER to BR

This is the last Loco of my holiday re-paints and probably my favourite. I purchased this Loco in full LNER livery with condensing systems and early safety valves. I have now stripped off all the equipment that is not required for a BR variant and added new items. I then repainted and renumbered as necessary. Note this Loco has a lowered cab roof and is made of canvas.

This actual Loco did spend some time in Scotland in the forties but is pure GE in origin. There was some amendments carried out to help shunting, this included enlarged cab steps and an extra hand rail – I have not done these mods as I am still researching and hope to find the right logo for a GE only variety, so that a further renumbering may take place.

37054 in 1976 livery

As well as doing lots of steam repaints over the holiday, I also decided to renumber some of my Blue pre-tops locos into another era. I chose 1976-79 as it was the era I started to rekindle my interest in Railways and Railway Modelling.. I selected ten loco’s, some weathered, some not. I have quite a job to re-weather and weather them all for their new era and this will take some time. Anyway this Class 37 is the first, it was originally D6753 and is now 37054, as it was a March and Stratford engine around this time. I used to see it a lot in this era.