O Gauge London Transport Panniers

Here are the first two Pannier Tanks for the refurbished Layout Grubb Lane. I have four LT Panniers, all Dapol Models purchased at very good prices a few months ago. The other two will follow later. These are the two that I had to re-number with Radley Models Transfers so that I did not have conflicting numbers. The Vacuum Brake connections were removed as per prototype, their main tasks being spoil trains of various types.

Having purchased two books on these ex GWR Panniers in service with LT I noticed how differently they weathered to British Railway steam loco’s. There was far less colour variation, with black being the overall weathering colour, there was also very little off white or grey streaking through steam leaks etc. These Loco’s, L90 and L97 are as they appeared towards the end of the 1960’s.

The weathering was achieved with ‘wash and wipe’, dry brushing and a little airbrushing .









Push-Pull Jinty in O Gauge

Here we have a Jinty purchased from a Box Shifter for £160 + PP. A very good deal I thought! Only problem was it was in LMS livery and I model in BR. The LMS numbers and Logo’s were duly removed and the area re-sprayed and blended. I chose the number as it was one of the longest lived loco’s and served both MR and WR sheds. Extra detail was added including pipes etc. A medium weathering then followed and here are the results.