Dapol Y1 Sentinal in O Gauge.

I purchased two of these Loco’s from a well known ‘Box Shifter’  – they were advertised as ‘Y3’ which is what I wanted. I wish I had done my research first before purchasing!! When they arrived I realised the mistake, they were Y1. I left one as No.39 as It was an East Anglian Loco, being based at both Lowestoft and Cambridge. and changed the second one to No.4 which was a Doncaster Loco, a bit out of my modelled area!

Both Loco’s had their buffer beams painted red as prototype. And both had real coal added to the hopper.

No.39 had a modified coal hopper side, so the model is not strictly correct.

The O Gauge Fox Transfers I used on No.4 are to large – I would suggest buying OO as they are nearer the correct size.

I hope to correct them at a later date.





Latest Dapol O8 in O Gauge

I purchased this Loco with a number already in place, however when it arrived and I started to do some research I found a better ‘local’ example. I removed the original number and added my selected one, 08834.

This loco had a slightly different handrail system than the original model, plus an extra one on the nose end. I modified them to what was required. I also added the ‘Speedlink’ flashes and cast BR Logo to the cab ends.




Sancheng/Tower 14xx in O Gauge

This is not a new Loco, it was purchased about six months ago on a famous auction site. It was in GWR Green and numbered, however it was not a good runner! It was put to one side until I had more time. After recently spending a little time working on the connecting rods and the motor I was able to get it working perfectly, my £200 investment now looked a very good deal! I repainted it BR Black and added a ‘247 Developments’ number set and HRMS transfers. It still has to be varnished, coaled, crew added and weathered. It will be the loco for my Push – Pull WR Crimson and Cream coach to form an auto train.




Another Loco Arrival – K3

Just arrived is another O Gauge Loco, LNER No.4000- Gresley K3. This Loco will be re-numbered as 61801, an East Anglian Loco most of its life, being shedded at 31A,31B and 30A, it will be fully lined in Mixed Traffic Livery. These Loco’s worked a lot of the fish trains out of Lowestoft down the East Suffolk Line. This loco remained a RH Drive Loco all its life.