Latest Exhibition

This is my first post for nearly two months. Sadly I have had Covid, which turned into the longer version. I am now starting to feel a bit better although I still have a few problems – not least extreme tiredness.

The group has done a couple of Exhibitions over the last two months and I have got a few pictures together that were taken by Jaeson and Shaun.

A really big thank you to Graham, Shaun, Jaeson and John.

Winkles Yard by Shaun at Bawdeswell Exhibition (OO)

Ashwell Moor Fuel and Stabling Point by John Barnes at Bawdeswell Exhibition (O)

OO – B17/6 and O Gauge 03 Match Truck.

This is just a taster really as both of these will be weathered when the varnish is dry in about three days.

The B17/6 is a rename and renumber of a Hornby model, It has been fully detailed and had a Westinghouse brake added. Again I would add that research is a must when wanting to change the identity of a Loco.

The O gauge match truck is based on a Dapol Conflat A, Just resprayed and lettered, plus the addition of air pipes. This type of match truck was used around the North East of England but not in East Anglia who tended to convert Shock Wagon Chassis.

Class 20/3 pair weathered

Had a visit today from Barry Aldous (Bazza), we had not met up since September 2019, when he helped us operate a couple of layouts at an Exhibition.

We had lots to talk about and time went by so quickly. Before he went I weathered a pair of OO Bachmann Class 20/3 Locos that Barry intends to run on both RHTT and Flask trains on his Layout.

They are weathered to a light to medium standard.

OO Layout – 2nd Traverser Finished

Well, that’s the second traverser completely finished and tested. I now have a 21′ Layout, 12 foot scenic (2 X 6′) and 9 foot, the two traversers ( 2 x 4′ 6″). I think I have achieved all my aims, a railway running through countryside with no points on the scenic sections. I will do a further post when all the parts are put together and tested overall. I will also do a separate post on the colour light signalling.

I have also changed the name of the layout a little – it is now ‘Osier Fen’.








OO – Layout – Second Traverser

After a few days of dodging the rain, I have managed to make the second traverser, added an extension similar to the first traverser and corked the surface.

I have managed to squeeze the layout into the garage and attached it to the second scenic board. I will now add the track, do the wiring and finally do the electrical joiners.

Like the first traverser, the second will have seven tracks with the three longest split into two with isolating switches..

This will give me a total of 20 possible made up trains over the two traversers although it will be filled with only 18 trains maximum. In theory a train can be stored on the scenic sections while a space is made in a traverser.









These traversers will be used on other layouts at a later date.

OO layout – Board 2 – finished

Well, I think we are 99% there after a busy day yesterday. The Gorse Bushes turned up and although a bit small and neat, they looked good once planted. I have now added about ten people about the Common area, they certainly help make things more believable.

Board 1 is already finished and the first traverser is also complete. They may need a little bit of blending between the two scenic boards when erected and that’s it.

The next task is to make the second traverser and lay the track.

What an enjoyable project during these sad times, and using up lots of stock items and pre-used bits and pieces really was worthwhile.

I will not test at the moment but wait until the second traverser is finished.













OO Layout – Board 2 nearly finished.

A very busy two days working on Osier Common. I would say the second baseboard is now 85% finished.

The Ponds have been enhanced and footpaths on both sides of the tracks have been added. Several trees have been added including two Willows, Osier is a type of Willow, hence the name of the layout. I am waiting for about twenty Gorse Bushes to go on the embankments and around the pond. I will also add several figures walking, hiking, fishing and drawing.

I think I am beginning to see my main reason for making this layout coming to fruition – running trains through countryside.