OO BRT Class 20 revisited.

This is a Lima Loco I partially detailed about 20 years ago. I thought it about time I had another look at this Loco and other Lima Loco’s. The main reason I am returning to my old Loco’s is basically new ones cost so much and with my commitment to O gauge nowadays I simply can’t afford to do both. This Loco now has some Ultrascale wheels that I had in stock and has been completely re-weathered.

And ‘yes’ I do feel another layout coming on! Just a small stabling point I think – time will tell!






Sector Plate fiddle yard – cheap option

On Saturday Graham and myself visited the Narrow Gauge Exhibition at Bressingham Gardens. Although I do not do Narrow Gauge as such, with our SM32 WW1 Project about to start, we decided to see what was available. Well, most of the layouts were 009 and 0 16.5, there was even a 009 WW1 Layout and very good it was.

There were a few traders present and amongst them was ‘Norfolk Heath Works’ with the owner Stuart Hughes. Graham knew Stuart as he was next to Morlock Heath at the recent Great Eastern Models Scenic Open Day. Both Graham and Shaun did purchase some of the Narrow Gauge 15″ x 11″ Module Boards. Stuart sells these Modules at just £15 each for both Sector Plate and Normal Boards.

While I have no intention of going 009, I was rather taken by the Sector Plate Module, I duly purchased two. I thought these could be adapted for use in OO and even O Gauge.

I already had two 4′ X 15″ Laser Cut Base Boards by another supplier. These were already made up so I made the ‘Norfolk Heath’ Sector modules and modified then to my needs. Below are photo’s of the modifications carried out and the joining of a 4′ x 15″ to the 15″ x 11″ Sector Module.

The cost of making the now 15″/11″ x  66″ was about £55 each, including cork.










I made two different size extensions to the original self-contained Sector Plate. The Norfolk Heath module is in 4mm MDF while the main board is Ply Wood. I would have preffered the Norfolk Heath Module to have been in Ply Wood, but that said it is very strong. I bolted and used PVA to join the Boards together.




Cambridge Exhibition 2018


We attended Cambridge Exhibition with Norton Wood, its first outing on the Exhibition circuit. I made Norton Wood about two years ago, but never quite got around to taking it out. Because of this I decided to sell the layout to Graham who already had suitable 3rd rail Southern Region stock to run on the layout.

After some last-minute adjustments, both at home and before the show, everything was ready. I have to say that it ran superbly all day and we had lots of good comments.

I guess we went just hoping for a trouble-free day, but the day just got better as it went on. Around lunch time Graham had a visit from Alan, the Exhibition Manager and we were presented with the ‘Best in Show’ Trophy. I have to say this was very  unexpected as the quality of the other layouts attending was truly excellent. The Exhibition also had one of my layouts that I sold nearly five years ago, Hobbs Warren in O Gauge. Terry and Bernard have extended it slightly and added new features, thanks chaps for looking after her so well, she is a credit to us all.

I would like to thank Alan and his team for a lovely day, really well organised show and one I  would attend even if I was not Exhibiting, with luck we will be invited back next year with a different layout.  Also thanks to Colin French and Dave Tailby for the usual banter.

Below are some photo’s taken by my wife, it was a bit tricky for her as there was a bit of light bleed through the curtains.IMG_5110










Lessons learned – Extend the fiddle yard by 9 inches to allow full length 4 car Units – We just fell short of automatic Spratt and Winkle couplings due to lack of time, this must be completed by the next Exhibition.

OO Scottish Loco’s 66-68 (pt3)

Here  is the third batch of Loco’s used on my Garage layout. This batch is 24’s and 25’s, some are allocated and some are visitors. Again all are fitted with a tension lock at one end and detailed at the other, this is except one Class 24 that has tension locks at both ends to allow for double heading with other ‘Blue Star’ compatible Loco’s. With these Loco’s I have tried to have as many different liveries as possible – however I did note at least another four varieties.

3 x 24’s and 4 x 25’s.













OO Scottish Loco’s 66-68 (pt2)

Here are another batch of loco’s that were used on my Garage Layout. This time they are all Bachmann, some allocated, some visitors. They were again weathered using the airbrush and powders. Please note around the time of purchase Bachmann were over oiling/greasing the gears in there loco’s, and this hindered the weathering with powder a bit.

They are 2 x 20 – 2 x 40 – 1 x 45 and 1 x 47.