Dapol Tank in O Gauge

This is a Dapol tank that has just been released – it is classified as an anchored tank. The weathering was achieved by using five different colours, the tank itself was misted and enhanced with Gloss Black. I have added a photo of the underframe so that you can see how I airbrushed and dry brushed the colours to form a medium blended weathering.

This is a black tank (type B) so carried the heavier oil products, hence the darker spillage.

And the Presflo’s keep coming

Here is the penultimate batch of Presflo’s heading down under to my mate in Australia. In fact he is coming over in November to see his family and collect them.

I think I have learned a few lessons as I done the different batches and this batch has proved the most popular. These are all wash and wipe with all sections wiped with cotton buds, lots of cotton buds. I guess you take off about 70% of the wash. Nice result but very time consuming – I then varnished the whole upper structure.

Another batch of Presflo’s

This is the second batch of Presflo’s I have done for my mates – this time group member Graham. This batch are for two era’s, Tops and Pre-Tops. I used my usual methods of weathering to ensure differences between members of the rake. These Ellis Clark Presflo’s really are great models.

CPV – Tops up to 1985 (3)

Pre Tops – one yellow – one grey – up to 1972 (2)

Three Clark Presflo’s Weathered

This is the first three of a rake of six Presflo’s that have been weathered for my friend Mike. They are to run on his early sixties layout.

Two different types of weathering was used, first the Yellow one was subjected to a wash and wipe session before a bit of misting and dry brushing afterwards.

The two brown examples were totally misted and dry brushed, although I did one lightish and the other more to a medium standard.

A lot of examples I have seen have used a near white paint – I used three shades of light grey, the last one with just a drop of light yellow mixed in.