Update 28/01/01 HO BNSF

Just a quick update on the still unnamed Layout. Been quite busy laying areas of concrete inside and outside the main ‘Transfer Shed’ and still lots more concrete to lay. The layout will contain a lot of concrete and sand to portray a semi desert scene in Arizona. I have started to put the first coats of weathering on the ramp and other concreted areas.

All concrete will have expansion joints scribed in for realism.

I have cut the two other background buildings down to 75% relief, this has also given me two 25% relief buildings that may fit in. This gives me better space to fit in more cameo scenes between the rails and the buildings.

I have tested all spaces for potential vehicle movements and vehicle storage areas.

I have fitted the American style Hayes Bumpers to the three tracks that are outside the main shed.

HO BNSF Layout – track laid.

I have been very busy over the last few days working on the ‘track plan’ and the position of the buildings. Well, I ended up with two points, both in the fiddle yard and manually operated and five sidings, great for a shunting puzzle.

The layout will now hold over twenty wagons, although I only have twelve. I will use both my BNSF Locos, so may add an isolating section to store one Loco. I have two other Loco’s, a SF and a BN, but both are a lot larger, but never say never.

I have also added to the length of the sector plate by 6″. It now measures over 2 foot.

Only slight problem is the two smaller units – I may take the razor saw to them and make them 3/4 relief. This will allow a little more activity in the space between the track and the units.