Industrial 03 weathered

I have now weathered the 03 for the Cement Pad Layout. Weathering an industrial Loco is nothing like doing a mainline example and the Industrials weathering is more related to the products they handle. Being used for cement loading both bulk and bagged it is likely that a ‘dusting’ would happen primarily but with a little exhaust and brake dust.

Progress on Cement Loading Pad

This is an O Gauge project of Graham’s, it started about three years ago when a partially started layout was purchased. Since then both myself and Graham have been working on the rollingstock with little progress on the layout itself.

I think all the wagons have now been purchased and weathered and up until now one Loco has been completed, a Class 05 shunter. This is the second Loco purchased, a Class 03 shunter, it has been numbered and lettered and the transfers varnished, when it is dry it will be weathered.

We intend for the Pad to handle both Bulk in Presflo’s and Bagged in Cargo Wagons.

I think it is Graham’s intention to eventually have the layout DCC sound. I will update with the progress over the next few months.

Ivatt 4MT in OO Gauge

This is a Loco that used to run on a layout that I sold several years ago. Since then it has just been stored awaiting a new project that so far has not materialised. It has now been serviced, re-numbered and BR Logo changed to an early crest. It should be going to a new home soon. It is lightly weathered, has a lamp added, Screw couplings and pipes and has real coal.

Class 14 Numbered (O Gauge)

Although I have called this post Class 14 Numbered, it really is about the researching of an engine that would fit into two BR era’s on two regions.

Most people know that these engines were virtually redundant before they were delivered to the Western Region and many know they ended up in great numbers with the NCB and Steel Companies, but they also spent some time on Humberside, to be precise Hull.

I therefore picked D9523, Delivered to the WR, went to Hull and ended up with the NCB. This research gives me two BR locations and an Industrial loco for exchange sidings etc.

Congratulations to Minerva Models – great Loco.

To be weathered later.

O gauge SR Atlantic re-work

This is the last and most difficult re-work of the six cheap locos I purchased. The first four were reasonably easy to repair, this one had obviously been dropped from a height and needed a lot of TLC. This was a complete strip down and a big re-solder and glue session, lots of filing and rubbing down and then a complete repaint, lining and numbering. Because of the state of the Loco I did not put any money into the project and leftover bits and pieces from previous projects were used. This meant that there was a few things that had to be omitted, like some lining.

If you remember, I traded the sixth loco for some electrical services off group member Graham, this has still to happen on this Loco.

Considering I was contemplating binning this Loco, I am relatively happy with the result, although close scrutiny is not recommended. I will weather it later to try and hide more suspect bits, but it will always be a ‘at the back’ on the steam shed.

Schools Class 30922 (O Gauge)

This is probably the last of my five resurrections of the cheap SR locos. I have started on the Atlantic but it is proving beyond my capabilities – we will see!

Back to Schools Class Loco Cheltenham, This was in reasonable condition and I did not even have to do a partial repaint. It was just a case of adding missing parts and revamping broken parts.

So there we are – six locos purchased – one traded for some services to motors – four completed – one in limbo land as to whether I can achieve a reasonable result. Well for my initial outlay of £600 for six locos – I now have four very passable locos that I value at least £250 each – would I do it again – yes!!!!!

Three BR (Southern) Locos

These are the first three Locos of the six I purchased in May – all were in very Poor Condition, including Rusty Wheels, Poor Paintwork, Lost Parts and being Non Runners. The Build Quality was quite poor, I paid £100 for each Loco!!!! I thought they probably were Ex Garden Railway Locos !!!

All wheels cleaned, some may need replacing later – All with be weathered to tone down sub standard transfer lining.

This is an update of what’s happened so far on each loco.

T9 – unknown Kit

Complete repaint, missing parts made, Motor refurbished and general re-soldering or gluing.

E1 4-4-0 -David Andrews Kit

This was a somewhat newer kit and needed a little less work – Loco is still awaiting its Motor refurbishment. The following was needed, partial repaint, some re-soldering, make missing parts and fit, had to be renumbered as it was numbered as an E1 tank engine !!!!

Class D – Javelin Kit

Again a reasonable kit, motor still to be refurbished, Partial repaint, make missing parts and fit, re-solder and glue some loose parts. Bogie misaligned and sitting to high – reprofiled for better fit.

The other three is now two!! I gave the Lord Nelson 4-6-0 to Graham to help pay for the reconditioning of the motors he is doing for me – This is very likely to run again after some TLC. Of the remaining two, the Schools is certainly repairable and will be worked on next. This leaves the Atlantic which is the worst by far, only 50-50 whether I can do it, as it appears to have taken a tumble in the past.

Well that’s the update, further photos when I have weathered them.

Departmental No17 (Ex B1 61059)

Here is a B1 that was taken into Departmental service during the Mid 60’s for use as a carriage heating Loco. It was based at Ipswich from 1964-66.

I have now weathered the loco into its rather run down condition during its departmental use. I have also removed the screw couplings and just left the hooks – this was to ensure it was not used for hauling a train.

Another purchase today.

When I went out today I had no intention of buying anything, in fact things are a bit tight at present, well, they just got tighter.

I went to an O Gauge Summer Bash and Buffet and there was a couple of tables selling bits and pieces, one had a few ready to run Kit Built Locos. There was one that really looked special, it was a Johnson 1P 0-4-4T in lined early BR Black No. 58038, it was expertly built (builder unknown) and painted by Alan Brackenbrough. After inspection and bartering we agreed a price and it was mine.

Although not a BR(E) loco it was a local engine, it was LTS based in the early fifties and based at Plaistow in Essex and almost certainly visited ex GE metals.