T9 4-4-0 in O Gauge – weathered

Another Loco I have had for a while and have just got around to weathering. This is a very old Kit Built Loco and is a runner, but the build standard and detail is poor. It has been refurbished, repainted etc, but it is very much a background filler on my Steam Shed Layout. I only paid £100 for the Loco, so I am quite happy to have it on display.

Last O Gauge Terrier – weathered

I have already weathered my first three Terriers as recently posted. This is the last one of the four for my Steam Depot – BR(S). A bit different to the others as it is in a special livery and named ‘Brighton Works’ this was a Works Pilot in the late 50’s- early 60’s. It did however retain its original BR number 32625. This is a very light body weathering as it was well looked after, the underframe was just a bit heavier weathering. It did not go far from the works – but I will give it a few outings on the branch line. Crew and marker discs added, plus extra piping.

3 Terriers weathered (O Gauge)

Here are three Dapol terriers, two have Westinghouse Brake and the other does not. The one without WB also has the enlarged coal bunker. I have assumed the two WB fitted were mainly Passenger Locos and the other was mainly freight, hence the weathering differences. Of note is that all three have been fitted with a ‘Spark Arresters’ on the chimneys. I researched each one and verified fitment with actual photos from the 50’s and 60’s.




Two Dapol B4 weathered (O Gauge)

Here are a pair of the Dapol B4 that I have weathered, all the usual methods used, plus one extra – I thought the plastic body was a bit shiny so I coated them with a 50-50 coating of mixed Satin and Matt Varnish before weathering. I have weathered one Loco ‘light to medium’ and the other ‘medium to heavy’. See the difference with the photo of them side by side.