37403 in O Gauge

This is my last Loco of the current batch, it is destined for my Mate in Australia. 37403 Isle of Mull is modelled as newly converted into a 37/4 in 1985.

This was a bit of a challenge as this loco was converted from an ex Western Region loco and retained its regional lamp irons. Adding them was not the problem – finding some was! I eventually tracked some down and duly purchased them.

The nameplates are Fox and the transfers are a mixture of Fox and Railtec.

This Loco will have a medium weathering, more photos later.

50008 Thunderer in O Gauge

This is Thunderer updated to as running for ‘Hanson and Hall’ as a heritage Locomotive. It has been used to transport various items of rolling stock around the country, that included a visit to East Anglia. It is still running now in this condition albeit with some of the owners stickers on the bodysides.

If any transfer makers ever do the ‘Hansen and Hall’ decals then I would add them, but it did run in 2018-19 without them.

The upgrade consisted of changing the O/H warning stickers to the current type, adding kicker plates strips below the doors and painting the lamp irons white. The Loco now appears to be air braked only, but I have not removed the vacuum pipes so that I could move it backwards to the early 90’s if required.

The nameplates are from Proto Neo and the transfers are from Railtec.

Day Seven of my 7 in 7 in 7

Another update on a loco that has now been finished, 37057. I have done some more work on the bogies, adding axle box detail. I have also done more work on the roof, blanking off the now redundant steam boiler port.

I have again done quite a bit of research on whether this loco retains vacuum pipes, again as 37421 it does, so I retained them.

With being used by Colas and purchased from preservation, it is hoped that when their life on the main line is over, they will all return into preservation.

Day Six of my 7 in 7 in 7

This is again a bit of a repost, but now the Colas 37/4 is finished. All buffer beam detail has been added along with snow ploughs. 37421 is a little different to the DRS 37/4’s, it retains its Vacuum Brake hoses and presumably that capability. I removed all the Vacuum Hoses on the DRS examples as they are Air Braked only.

I am still looking to replace the Colas ‘Hat’ Logo with the latest offering, but still no one has produced the transfers for one!

Day three of my 7 in 7 in 7

This is another DRS repaint into a heritage livery, this time it is 37425 Concrete Bob/Sir Robert McAlpine. The same detailing has been applied to ‘Bob’ as to the previous posts in the 7 in 7 blog.

The nameplates are Fox and again the transfers are a mix of Fox and Railtec.

This Loco is currently working out of Norwich on route learning and March on engineers trains. Certainly brings back very fond memories.

Day two of my 7 in 7 in 7

Here is another of the DRS Heritage repaints, this time it is 37419 Carl Haviland. This Loco is in Inter-City Mainline livery similar to the original variety in the late 80’s.

I have again tried to bring the Loco right up to date and as running now. All the usual DRS refinements have been added and the details are the same as yesterdays post.

Nameplates are again Fox and the transfers are a mix of Fox and Railtec.

7 Locos in 7MM in 7 days !

Over the last three weeks or so I have been detailing and numbering seven Class 37’s. Over the next seven days I intend to publish a photo of one loco per day.

The first Loco is 37402 Stephen Middlemore in Large Logo livery. I have brought it right up to date in every way I can, but did not fill in the bodyside window modification as recently done by DRS. I was very unhappy with Heljans latest DRS Multi Working attempt, so I have made my own variety out of odd transfers, not perfect but will do until someone does better. The buffers are also incorrect for current 37’s and again would be replaced if/when possible.

I purchased some extra lamp irons so that I could model with the correct pattern for each Loco. These cost £2 each via Gaugemaster, Heljans UK spares partner, I can only say — What a rip off – £2 for something that probably costs 5p to make is disgusting.

I have added the correct form of cant rail stripe, the correct O/H warning signs, the Door kicker plates, The MW sockets and all the little signs that now appear under the sand boxes and fire alarm boxes. Heljans add-on items were also added to the buffer beam.

The Nameplates are Fox and the Transfers are a mixture of Fox and Railtec.