Coopers Update – 26.09.23

Work continues on the N gauge layout. I have been concentrating on the Ponds and the River, lots of reeds and weeds added using static grass and grass strips, the fishing pegs were made from N Gauge pallets. I have ordered lily pads and flowers to be added later, another varnish coating or two will be added to the lakes when they are ‘planted’.

Coopers Update – 22/9/23

Well, been working hard on the layout – a lot of static grass used as well as flock and dyed sawdust. Things have started to take shape now that the first layer of scenic work is nearly complete on board one. Board two has been started with the first layer of scenic work, but track still not weathered. I have ordered some more fencing that should arrive next week.

Coopers Update 19/9/23

All the ballasting is now complete, although only 50% is weathered. A start has been made on the static grass, just to see how the colour looks, I am using Autumn Green to start with, but I do have some Summer Green and Winter Green. I have ordered the posts and wire for the railway fencing, some pallets to make fishing stands for the anglers in the ponds, not the river! I have also ordered some 10mm Static grass tufts to form the reed beds in the ponds. Should keep me busy for a few days!

Work continues on ‘Coopers’

I have worked about eight hours on Coopers Common today, I have done half the visible track ballasting and weathering, painted the roads first coat, painted the last pond with undercoat and painted distant trees and bushes on the backscene. It is a very slow job making the Kato track look a bit more realistic, under a close look it does not blend well with the ballast, but I’ve done the best I can and I am relatively happy with the result.

Old Project – restarted

I started on this layout in 2021, a N Gauge Layout for my Son, John. Now two years down the line it has been restarted. The baseboards and electrics are complete and some basic landscaping has been done. I now intend to stop all other work for three or four weeks to finish the layout. So there we go – after Covid, lack of money and time I have decided its time to complete what will be called ‘Coopers Common’. The layout is very loosely based on Ely in the 90’s and early 2000’s and is between Ely station and the north junction – I have ‘moved’ the River, the Lakes, the Freight Loop and the Road, but hey its our layout!! The main concept is that both tracks are bi-directional and the loop will be likewise. All lines will eventually have overhead catenary added – I would like to wire them if possible!

Work on N Gauge Layout (26/7)

Yet another busy day on the layout. First job today was to chamfer all the cork edging on the outside of the tracks, very happy with the result, well worth the effort.

I have sketched out various embankments around the layout and today I started to form the outside MDF boundary. The below photos show the work done so far on the first board.

Work on N Gauge Layout (25/7)

I am posting every move I make with the Kato track as it may be useful to others. Today I am preparing the track on the scenic sections for ballasting or should it be ballasting between the tracks and on the edges. I have purchased two packets of compatible Kato ballast to use, but at £7 a pack for such a small amount I decided to put a further layer of cork in all places that will be ballasted later to save on the amount of ballast needed. The below photographs show how I cut the cork to size, glued it and temporarily pinned it down, the pins are Peco and all are salvageable.

I intend to do a small section to see what is the best way to glue the Kato ballast down. I will use sandpaper to make a chamfer on all the cork on the edge of the track, this should help the finished appearance. You will note that I have started to disguise the wiring for the board joins.

Work on N Gauge Layout (24/7)

I have now finished all the wiring on the layout. All track is now pinned and glued, I have tested all options and the whole layout runs extremely well.

I really hope I can disguise the KATO oddities on the scenic sections.

As John is on holiday next week, I hope to do some renumbering and weathering in 16mm, 7mm and 4mm, quite a change from my last few weeks.

Turning the N Gauge Layout

Today John came down and we had a massive running session to ensure all was to his satisfaction. So that we could now start on the scenic section, we split the layout and turned it to make more room.

After turning we tested all tracks to ensure the move had not upset anything – all was fine – let scenic detailing commence.

Test Loco