O Gauge wagon weathering (PT1)

Here we have some various wagons weathered by using Designer Gouache as well as airbrushed Enamel paints – firstly two Hoppers, a Van and Shock open.

I did all the brush work using the Designer Gouache at a Demo at the Dereham Exhibition, I then airbrushed them with Satin Varnish to seal them and weathered the Chassis with Enamels as normal.

I find that using DG helps me to create a little depth to the rust etc, rather than enamels that can look a little flat!

47231 Speedlink in O Gauge

My latest O Gauge Diesel is 47231 in 3 tone grey and named ‘The Silcocks Express’. I recently sold a lot of OO stock at a Swap-meet and the move to O Gauge continues. This Engine was a member of the Tinsley Speedlink allocation and performed all over the country. I even have a photo of it working a Summer Saturday passenger train in the late 80’s.

Railtec Transfers – Protoneo Plates

To be weathered later/

Little Sefton at Long Melford

Last weekend was a very busy one – after being at Dereham on Saturday, we were at the Sudbury Club organised Charity Exhibition on Sunday. We took Grahams Little Sefton Layout after purchasing it off me a couple of weeks ago. We were still running my stock as Grahams had not been prepared yet.

The Exhibition was very busy, the ‘star of the show’ was Nigel Locke’s magnificent Long Melford Junction, but all layouts and displays were top class and much appreciated by the public. As the attendance was larger than expected, a special mention to the Catering Team who did superb work and kept us all fed and watered.