Scenics started on Bowford

I have spent the last two days starting the scenics. I have made a pond and a river, as well as starting on some small embankments – I emphasise this is just the first layer, to be built up with other layers and then filler to form the small to medium embankments.

I have also made the Station Building fit the platform, I removed an inch off the back, making into a 3/4 relief. I also reduced the canopy so that all Locos and coaches can pass the full length of the platform – this was a resin casting and took a lot of sawing and filing.

Bowford Update

All the electrics have been done on the layout and the tops of the platforms have been added. The whole layout has been electrically tested and declared working as required. All clearances on the platforms and buildings have also been checked. I still need to sort out the Station building, it needs to have the razor saw taken to it to reduce the width.

OO Layout named and more work

Ian T has decided to name his OO layout ‘Bowford’ after a combination of two places he has lived. I have now finished the Platform Edging and gluing the track down permanently. I have managed to get another siding into the goods yard, that’s makes four in total and should give much more shunting opportunities. I am awaiting the plasticard for the tops of the platforms, but the next job will be the electrics, four isolating sections and the control through a DPDT switch that changes between two feeds. The track over the baseboard join have been cut and this will be joined by a 10 way electric plug.

It looks like I will need to turn the station building into half relief as in its current form it will not fit and when put on a Peco platform – the canopy is to low and fouls the coaches. I have to say that I am not that impressed with some of the resin buildings – for example the cattle dock has no way to bring cows down to ground level unlike the Ratio kit I have used in the past. I have already taken the razor saw to make the level crossing and the weigh bridge more acceptable for placement on the layout. The yard crane on a platform also seems very contrived and not realistic.

Track Plan for Approval

I have temporarily tacked the track down and added some buildings and fitting in their potential final position. The layout is moving to phase two, when approved the track will be glued down, the platforms made when the slopes arrive and the electrics added. I am hoping to be test running within a week. Some of the Castings will need trimming slightly to fit into their intended position.

New OO Project Started.

The second hand baseboards have arrived from my friend Ian T, I have refurbished them as best I can, added an extra section to one board and started to cork the first board. I have made the fiddle yard by making back boards and fitting them. I hope the below photos help understand the work done.

The layout overall is 9′ 3″ x 1′ 6″ and made up of 1 X 4′ and 1 x 5′ 3″. The aim is to make a Terminus BR (WR) small branch station and goods yard.

Photos in chronological order.

OO Gauge WD J94 0-6-0

I was given a Industrial J94 in Blue and Yellow Livery – I was asked to produce this Loco as it worked at Chesterton Junction, Cambridge in 1946 to 1952. I was given a couple of B & W photos and some research notes. The friend that gave me this task remembered this Loco when he was a lad in the late 40’s.

The transfers were purchased from Railtec and paints were Humbrol and Railmatch.

I must admit I had never heard of this Loco until approached to repaint and model it. I was told it only worked on MOD traffic within the large yard confines.

This what I started with.