Marsh Lane

After selling most of my OO layouts I realised that there was nothing to run my detailed Lima loco’s on. I was very prolific with my Lima detailing during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Even after selling a lot of loco’s, I still had many left. These varied from BR Blue up until the early 2000’s privatisation. The decision was maid to make a small Depot layout, one that was not visually pointing towards any time period, region or location, non-descript may be a better way of putting it!

Around this time my friend Keith Wright sadly died. As Keith’s ashes were scattered near Stowmarket Station at Marsh Lane, it just had to be this name.

This is definitely a small ‘no fuss’ layout, everything is simple and conventional. It does show however, that a small space or is it Micro Layout is within the reach of all modellers This is a great way to have a good play with anything between 8-12 Loco’s and a few wagons.

One thing a little bit different is that the last track nearest the backscene is not powered and can be used to place static locos, wagons or ‘scrappers’ 0r in fact just about anything. This track disappears into a tunnel, so ‘in theory’ it is attached to the network. The other side of this tunnel is the controller, as it was the only place to put it

I will probably sell some more loco’s and update the stock sometime, but in no hurry to do this.

All loco’s in the below photo’s are detailed Lima.

Marsh Lane -Scottish 001

Marsh Lane -Scottish 051

Marsh Lane -Scottish 018

Marsh Lane -Scottish 025

Marsh Lane -Scottish 044

Marsh Lane -Scottish 043



Marsh Lane -Scottish 003

Marsh Lane -Scottish 024