Norfolk Coke and Tar Co.

This is another layout inspired by a manufacturer making a loco that really looked good. This was of course Ixion and the loco was the Hudswell Clarke. I purchased one and was completely delighted, another followed quickly. These were followed by several other industrial locomotives until I had seven loco’s of different parentage. I came up with the idea of a small industrial engine shed and a wagon repair siding. I really wanted to develop a layout that showed just how dirty and rundown such a facility could be. The main building was fashioned from a Heljan engine shed kit. Other items were kit bashed and scratch built, but all had to  blend with the required dirt and grime. I made four wagons for the wagon repair section.

At an Exhibition I purchased 3 packets of ‘used moulding sand’, the type that is used for moulding iron etc. It was quite fine, but it’s biggest plus was its colour, it was a lovely burnt brown. This was just the finish I needed for a well trod, run down Engine Shed. I used Johnsons Klear as the gluing agent and it worked fine. Sadly I have never seen any on sale again!

This is a pointless layout – As approved by Mr Colin French !!




norfolk coke


My Son complains about a guest operator at Dereham Exhibition


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