Dunston Green

Dunston Green was my first ever Exhibition Layout. It was made for my sons to play with. John was interested and maintains his interest in Railway Modelling to this day, Paul, my younger son was not really interested and was a reluctant Exhibition attendee. When built I had no intention of Exhibiting this or any other layout. I was a visitor only at all the local exhibitions. Around this time I met Keith Wright and his brother Paul at a local Model Shop. Keith saw the layout and an invitation to the Stowmarket Exhibition followed. The Exhibition came and I received  four more invites – it all started from there.

I have to say none of this would have happened without Keith. Sadly he died at the early age of 40 years,  5 years ago. Still missed very much – thanks for your help mate.

I sold the layout to a very good home and as far as I know it still exists in private hands.

This Layout has appeared in MODEL RAIL No 15  JANUARY 2000



Dunstan 3

Dunstan church

Dunston  5Dunstan 2

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