Melford was my first Exhibition Modern Image layout and I have fond memories of making it and  displaying it. After exhibiting this layout for over five years, it was eventually sold. I kept track of it for about two years longer, then it disappeared. I have no idea where it is now or even if it exists.

When I was designing the layout, try as I may I could not get the design to fit the proposed two even sized baseboards of 5′ 6″ X 2′. Whatever I did a point ended up on a join. I don’t know whether I made the right decision but – I made the base boards two different sizes, one was 5′ x 2′ and the other was 6′ x 2′. I never mentioned this is the MODEL RAIL article, mainly because I was a bit embarrassed. I really did not know whether you should do things like that!  Now, 15 years on, would I do it again – ‘yes’ if it still went in the car.

This layout has appeared in MODEL RAIL No.15  JANUARY 2000.



Melford 8




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