Silver Hill

I made Silver Hill for Jerry Prentice, who at the time was a professional modeller working for Braintree Models. Jerry already had a layout plan and it was just fitting everything in that he wanted. I believe I did this and it was certainly well received. It was not made as an Exhibition layout and was purely for private use and to be used as a photographic scenic base  Jerry had a vast collection of detailed Lima models at the time, as did some of his friends. This layouts 3rd rail section was fully researched and checked with a Southern Region Engineer. One thing a bit different on this layout was that we made removable sections in the back scene so that photographs could be taken from unusual angles.

I think Jerry had the layout for several years before selling it on, I believe it has been sold on at least twice since and possibly still exists.

I  later made Jerry another OO layout/diorama as a photographics background for his models, it had no electrics and was purely for photography – sadly I have no photographs of that layout, hence mentioning it here.



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