LP – gas TTA

This project does not need any moulding or purchased extras. The Hornby TTA is again the base donor wagon. In the late eighties when I made these, the cost of second hand TTA’s were only £2 to £3, so a rake of eight was to be made.

I stripped the wagons down into chassis and barrels. I then discarded the bits that were no longer needed and set about making the new parts from plastic card. At this stage I have to admit that I did not know what the new parts were or what some of them did. This was a real case of prototype modelling based on research, drawings and photographs. Luckily the batch I was making changed very little, if at all during their life.

I then assembled the new wagons after filling some holes that were no longer required. I then painted the whole body white. Even although I had painted orange body stripes before, masking and hand painting eight wagons certainly taxed my concentration.

Again, if tackling this project today, there are much better TTA to start with as donors. But of course the rake of eight would be an expensive outlay.

The LP-gas logo’s were made with ‘letraset’ sheets.




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