Warwell & Warflat

During a visit to Ely I saw a MOD train on its way to Dereham. The MNR being used to unload vehicles and stores for the Swanton Morley Base. Part of this train was formed of Warflats and Warwells and I was impressed with these very solid-looking wagons. Soon after my visit, sadly the traffic ceased.

I looked around the Model Trade for options on both types and I was very pleased to see that Genesis Kits did both models in whitemetal. I quickly purchased 2 Warflats  and 1 Warwell, as that was what I saw on their way to Dereham .

On arrival I inspected the kits, they were very good. Over the next few weeks I completed the project. My son made the transfers for me after a bit of research.

These wagons date back to the second world war, but they have seen many upgrades and amendments. You really need to check the specification you require for your chosen era. I believe Bachmann have announced some models two years ago, but nothing else has happened. These wagons I believe will start off with original designs with original bogies. I needed as running in 2000-5, so the Genesis ones suited my needs.

I originally saw Landrovers on the wagons on my trip to Ely and I managed to source some. I am not very good on Landrover history, so I hope they match the wagons!!

I usually run these wagons with VGA, VDA and VEA.