O Gauge Coal Merchant

Again not quite finished, this Coal Merchant’s has been made this week using a Laser Cut kit, but a card cut instead of my preferred wood.

I find the laser cut card kits more difficult to distress and I usually revert to my usual weathering methods with enamel over acrylic.  I also find my method of doing mortar using poly filler harder to do with Card Cut Buildings.

I always use real coal for O gauge projects, although I have been known to use O gauge ballast, painted black and flicked with gloss varnish. The number of times I see layouts with coal merchants with just one grade of coal, Realistically most had at least two or three. I went for Lump, Household and that horrible Nutty Slack!

To keep the weight down on my models, I used balsa wood for forming the coal mounds.

When the Model is eventually planted on the layout it will be blended and sacks and a coal weighing machine added.









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