Update on Ashwell Moor FP


I have spent the last two days working on the concrete plinth. It is rather a laborious job, but with care fairly realistic aged concrete can be made. I hesitate to add that this is ‘ageing’ not weathering – that will follow later.

Firstly the complete area was undercoated and left to dry thoroughly. I then painted the whole area with ‘Railmatch’ concrete and again left to dry over night. Next I mixed up a mixture of Polyfilla and a water based brown paint. I then applied the mix into all the joins and crevices as required. I re-touched some areas around the joins to ensure they stood out.

Last and final job was to paint, stipple and dab ‘Colron’ wood dye over the whole area, some places had two coats others only one – this is done until that ‘aged’ and blotched look for the whole plinth had been achieved.

Last job will be weathering and blending after ballasting.









I wish I had a better camera !!!!!!!




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