Baseboards for SM32 Layout

I have now finished the baseboards for our WW1 SM32 Layout. It has lengthened a bit from the proposed size, in fact it has grown from 7′ x 18″ to now being 11′ x 18″.

It is now two baseboards, one is 6′ long and the other 5′ long, including the sector plate.

I would emphasis that this is not a ‘trench railway’, but a behind the lines narrow gauge railway, just beyond the range of the German Guns.

Both Boards are lightweight Laser Cut Baseboards.

Below are some photos of the finished boards – track laying next. The track has been obtained and we now have four wagons and a ‘tin turtle’ petrol locomotive.

We have a couple of ideas for the track plan, one with and one without a point. A bit of trial and error game to follow.

The Wagons, Loco’s etc. proved no problem to obtain, but I am struggling to get suitable G Scale WW1 figures, the only purchase so far being the Bachmann offering – any advice gratefully accepted. And yes, I am definitely out of my comfort zone – but this project is different and ‘not another diesel depot’.








I hope to do at least a monthly update on this project.



One thought on “Baseboards for SM32 Layout

  1. Hi Kelvin,

    As you say and I quote, ” I just like building Layouts” !!!!!

    Well done for going out of your comfort zone.


    Mr T.

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