SM 32 WW1 Layout – track plan

Graham came to see me Friday to discuss the track plan, clearances and general scenic thoughts. He also brought along his newly purchased ‘Tin Turtle’, although only partly built is gave us thoughts on the general requirements to run such a loco. Graham also brought the finished WD Bogie wagon, mainly to test clearances, but also to work out how many wagons are needed to populate the layout.

Below are a few photo’s taken during our deliberations.IMG_5797 IMG_5792






The Figures are Bachmann – We are using WDLR Album by Roy C. Link as our ‘Bible’ on the subject we are hoping to model – seen in the background of a couple of photo’s.

Over the weekend I hope to lay all the track and add the back scene. Sadly I think I will be one track length short! We also went for our pointless option so I have a Peco SM 32 ‘Y’ point spare – I will put it on my ‘for sale’ option on this website

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