SM 32 – WW1 Layout Busy Weekend

Since Graham’s visit on Friday, I have worked about 15 hours on the layout. In the order I did the jobs:-

1/ Added the joiners/alignment dowels between the two boards

2/ Glued and aligned the three tracks over the two boards

3/ Added the back scene boards on the rear and sides of the two boards

Sadly I was one track panel short, but on the photo’s I have placed grey blocks so that you can see the final lengths of the sidings. I also glued one buffer stop to the nearest track. Two more buffers and one track section to order. I have also ordered five tubs of ‘Army Dirt and Small Stones’, this will be used for ballasting, this is a war-gaming product, but looks ideal for the layout.

While I was track laying I checked the total track length, I calculated we can get about fifteen bogie wagons comfortably on the layout, this doubles if four-wheel wagons are used. In practice it will be a mixture of the two types.

The entry to the fiddle yard sector plates back-board is still to be planned, it could end up being a small bridge, an overhead pipeline or even a large brick wall.








The final three photo’s are for Graham in Australia who wanted a close up of the parts of the sector plate.






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