SM32 WW1 Layout All track now done.

After the arrival of the final piece of track and the two buffer stops this morning, all track laying is now complete.

The decision has been made to go DCC sound on all Loco’s and to also have a background sound system with the sound of a distant battle. We believe that the sounds are available and will start to progress a supplier.

We still need to sort out a coupling system and the entry to the sector plate scenic cover.

The ballast, I say that very loosely, has been obtained from the War Gaming World and expensive it was! Effectively ballast was not used and it was mainly stone and earth.





Work on this layout will slow down a bit now as I have fallen behind with O and OO amendments to existing layouts that appear at Exhibitions later this year. However, we have set a target date for the finished layout of 1/4/19 —- silly fools!



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