O Gauge VAA and OAA

Here we have two air braked, Railfreight liveried Speedlink wagons. Both were purchased at bargain prices by Graham from Hatton’s recent Heljan sale.  They are destined to run on Morlock Heath in our later era.

On arrival Graham commented that the red part of the livery was very loud and could I tone it down a bit! I like a challenge and decided that I could certainly do this task. I decided to spray the whole of the wagon sides and ends with a mix of 95% Matt Varnish and 5% Matt White. I sprayed very light coats until I got the required results, I then left the wagons for three days to thoroughly dry.

After the wagons were dry, I did my usual ‘shadowing’ by used a black wash and then wiping the bulk of the wash off. I stippled the roof dark grey on the VAA with a piece of foam and then sprayed the underframes with Frame Dirt, Brake Dust and Matt Black, Finally I picked out the springs and brake clasps with Dark Rust.









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