DMU layout further work early Oct 18

Further work has been done on the DMU layout. It is now 100% electrically complete and hopefully the photo’s show just how simple the layout is. The ‘first’ DMU has run, sorry no pun intended, and all isolating sections were tested and numbered on the controls. I have really gone out of my way to make things as simple as possible – hopefully to encourage others to have a go!

I had originally made the layout to operate in Network Rail Era, 2002 to date. However I hope to design ‘plug in’ signs so that by changing the signs, cars and railway road vehicles I can get back to about 1990.

For the record, Network Rail         – 2002 to date

Railtrack                 – 1994 to 2002

British Rail             – 1990  to 1994 (for my purposes – actually from 1967)

Prior to this it was British Railways!

I have now finished the bridge over the railway and it awaits painting and weathering.

Ballast should be here tomorrow – so hopefully can be done over the weekend!








IMG_7319                                                                             OR


Prototype ‘plug in’


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