DMU Layout —Named

After much thought and the determination to pick a name that would be suitable for multiple era’s and companies in different parts of the country, I came up with ‘Copsey’.

To reinforce the variety of DMU’s  that can be run in various era’s from about 1985 – to date. I have made up some ‘running in’ boards that will clip onto the station in keeping with the unit’s running. I have also made the boards for the engineers yard to reflect the company in charge of the track and most stations.

Firstly the Engineers signs  (these are all that is needed for the period of the layout)


Now we have various ‘running in’ boards to reflect the DMU’s running




These are not exhaustive and others will be added. The Platform signage will all be in white with black lettering to avoid changing everything! This is not the first time I have done this. About 20 years ago I did removable signs for my then Exhibition layout – the sadly missed ‘Melford’.

‘Copsey’ is an old family name that has sadly died out. I picked it because I could find no Town or Village with this name in the UK, although I stand corrected if wrong.

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  1. It is actually orange! It was known as ‘Strathclyde red’ in order to keep the peace in Glasgow due to the religious connotations of orange!

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