O Gauge B12/3 Restoration

I purchased this kit built Loco off a famous auction site. I had to make my mind up as to the standard the kit was built, this can be difficult when you only have three or four photographs to study. My assessment was that the Loco was built to a very good standard and although a good attempt was made at the full LNER apple green livery, it simply was not as good a standard as the build quality.

As I did not want a LNER loco, I had to asses the possibilities of a complete repaint. This done I took the plunge and made an offer – thankfully it was accepted.

After arrival I checked the loco over and after a good clean, thankfully it was a very good runner. I took my time and carefully took the loco apart and started stripping the Body and the Tender, an undercoat followed and two top coats added, and that’s the story so far.









One thing for certain, this will not be yet another 61572 – the preserved example. I rather fancy something a bit earlier – early to mid 50’s. I found an excellent photo of a Cambridge engine in 1954, it had the early BR logo and was in plain black, the number, a rather workaday 61516.



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