O Gauge BR (S) E1R 0-6-2T

This is another Loco I purchased some time ago, however I made a big mistake and did not test run it for several months after purchase. When I did get around to it, it was not as stated at the time of sale – it was not an excellent runner, in fact it was a disaster! When I put it on the track and started it running –  some screws holding the connecting rods to the wheels fell out on both sides of the loco – the threads were virtually gone! The moral of the story – don’t believe all you read, even from supposedly reputable companies. The Loco went in the try again later box!

Again – fast forward over a year!  I have completely stripped down the chassis, purchased replacement parts as needed and after cleaning put it back together. I now had a very passable running loco – by the way the body was very good (reason I purchased it) and only needed minor touch ups here and there.





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