O Gauge Beattie Well Tank

I purchased this as a part built kit – chassis made – body part started. This suited me as I consider that chassis making is my worst discipline. The kit duly arrived and it all looked OK, although I never tried the made up chassis. I would say the body was about 50% built to a passable standard. I  finished the build, undercoated, painted and transferred the body. After everything was dry I attached the body to the already finished chassis and tested !!!!  Nothing, the whole lot was dead with not a sign of movement !!!! I put it in the to hard to do at present box !

That was nearly two years ago. After finishing my last project (the B12/3) I looked around for a fill in job – I did not want to do any spraying as it was 34C in my Garage. I found the coolest place I could find indoors and stripped the chassis, separated the motor, wheels, and the gearbox – cleaned the lot, checked the pickups and reassembled. Put it on my test track and it started to run, after a little fettling and adjustment it is now a very passable runner. Lucky I call it !







Note to self – must drill out that solid chimney !!!!

Morale of Story – never give up – revisit difficult jobs.